Soom T - Broken Robots - Live @ Vieilles Charrues 2016 La vidéo n'est pas disponible
Jeune prodige de la scène rap britannique, la jeune Soom T s'amuse des genres, entre rap, ragga, pop et soul.
Issue des quartiers populaires de Glasgow, Soom T a longtemps brillé dans l'ombre des grands (Asian Dub Foundation) avant de voler de ses propres ailes avec son premier album "Free as a Bird", composé dans les Highlands. "La princesse du raggamuffin" y clame avec classe son engagement politique.
Paroles de "Broken Robots" 
We’re just a bunch of broken robots 
With our wires pulled out batteries low caught 
In a storm on ride like a bunch of show offs 
Sipping champagne thinking that we are so hot 
Little did we listen when told that our condition 
Is a state of denial while we stuck in a prison 
That we can’t see touch or even hear hissing 
While millions sitting about watching television 
We’re just a bunch of broken robots – we’re a what? 
Just a bunch of broken robots 
Never ending road - no sign to say stop – we’re what? 
Just a bunch of broken robots 
Are you sick of making money laughing at what ain’t funny 
Staying out the rain thinking about what ain’t sunny 
C’mon hunny it’s time for you stop your nose running 
Take the power back like a soldier getting up gunning 
Truth like a renegade on 4 fat wheels 
On a road to nowhere saying ‘im out of here’ 
Find something real in this ghost town beer hall 
Leaving behind the shadows n that’s all, and that’s all 
Fear is just a word like love, luck n war 
What you feeling inside it’s all you’ve got 
High thoughts of a 3 course meal on a yacht 
Stuck somewhere in the ocean with nought 
I was sent down here with a life but no rulebook 
Unplugged with a head broke with no tool to 
Fix me up until I got out of school hooked 
On the sensi with no sense and a cool hook 
Oooh Oooh – Broken Robots 
Oooh Oooh – Broken Robots 
Oooh Oooh – Broken Robots
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